We'll be there to say hello, answer your questions and hand out info and lollies.  Here are the dates:

  • Global Mobility BBQ - 15th Feb, 12:00 - 14:00, Alumni Courtyard (City Campus)

  • Bundoora Welcome - 22nd February, 11:00 - 14:00, Bundoora West, Sports Centre

  • City Clubs Day - 2nd March, 11:00 - 14:00, Alumni Courtyard, University Way (City Campus)

  • New to Melbourne Festival, 15th March, 16:00 - 19:00, Alumni Courtyard (City Campus)

SUMMER HOCKEY, October - December 2016 and Feb 2017.

This year the summer season for women at Footscray, Wednesday, will be 10 rounds from the start of October to the start of December, with no finals.  The Monday mixed and Tuesday men's competitions at the State Hockey Netball Centre will be 10 rounds, with finals, starting mid-October and finishing February, with a break for Christmas. 

Summer is casual and a great time to start playing with the club.  Beginners and experienced players welcome.  The cost is $10 per game.  There is a $20 off-season RMIT HC membership to cover your insurance and $10 Hockey Victoria off-season registration for the season.  These two are not applicable for people who played the winter season.

Contact Lyndal at recruitment@rmithockey.net for info.

RMIT will have teams in:

Mixed Monday night: State Hockey Centre - this competition runs between Oct 17 - Dec 12 and then Feb 6 - 27.  $10 per game.  Jaimie Dreja is running this team.

Men's Tuesday night: State Hockey Centre - this competition runs between Oct 17 - Dec 12;  Feb 6 - 27.  $10 per game. Adam Goldberg is running this team.

Women's Wednesday night: Footscray - this competition runs between Wed: Oct 5 - Dec 7. $10 per game. Lainie Hocart is running this team.  Competition now finished.

Here's the link for the Hockey Victoria off-season membership.  Once you've paid this, they'll send you a card so you can get into the SNHC for free.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details.



VicHealth has given us an Active Club Grant. We've received $2,700 for equipment for club members to use. It includes two sets of goalie gear, 12 sticks, 12 sets of shinpads, 12 padded gloves and four short corners masks.   Thanks to Steve at Hockey World for the gear.

For a $50 deposit and you can borrow as many sticks, shin pads, gloves and short corners masks as you like for as long as you like - whether it be five days or five years.  When you return the gear you will be refunded the deposit.

PAID coaching positions available. 

RMIT HC is looking for mens and womens coaches or player/coaches for Winter 2017 Season.  For more information contact recruitment@rmithockey.net

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Join the club

At RMIT Hockey Club, everyone is welcome regardless of whether you know a short corner from a short black.

We are happy to welcome new members of all skill levels.  We welcome RMIT uni students and graduates, friends and family, and students and graduates from other universities including Victoria University.  Our home field, at Footscray Hockey Centre, is just a few minutes drive from the new Victoria University UniLodge.

With a number of social events held through the year such as Christmas in July and the End of Season Dinner, expect on having as much fun off the pitch as you will have on it.

If you have any membership questions or feel like joining in on a training session, contact Lyndal via recruitment@rmithockey.net.

Are you a new RMIT student?

We offer a discount to students joining the club for the first time and throw in a club tshirt.  We also offer generous discounts for anyone who pays before Round 1 - See Fees & Registration for details.

Equipment is available to borrow for training and games. Contact Lyndal and The Recruitment Team for more information about training, getting a lift, finding the ground, equipment needed or to answer any other question you may have.

We welcome new players any time during the winter or summer seasons.  Sign up to our email list and like our page on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter @RMITHockey to keep in touch with what's happening at the club.

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